Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Off to CTN Animation Expo 2012!

Hey Guys!!! Well it's time for this years CTN Animation Expo and I'm starting my trip out to Burbank in just a few hours. So excited for this years conference and the artists and studios attending! It'll be really nice to meet up with friends again, too :)

So as usual, just in time for the conference I put together a new demo reel with a few new shots and some adjustments. Check it out below!!!

But wait, there's more! I started this new shot just a week ago and unfortunately wasn't able to get it fully baked before heading out to CTN. So here is the latest that I have been working on, it's somewhere near a Spline/Polish pass right now with PLENTY more to do. Can't wait to get back and finish this one up ;)

So that's about all for now! Stay tuned for more updates and pics from the conference and take care everybody!