Demo Reel

Zach Bova
2013 Animation Demo Reel Breakdown
Responsible for all animation
Rigs provided by Animation Mentor, AnimSchool and Bent Image Lab

I Can Do Weird Stuff!
Summer 2013

Spring 2013

Robin Hood (Direct Asia Ad)
Spring 2013
Bent Image Lab

Forts Don’t Got Carpet!
Summer 2012

(Animation Mentor Class 6, 2012)
Mentor: Sean Sexton
(DreamWorks Animation SKG)

Hungry Construction Worker
(Animation Mentor Class 3, 2011)
Mentor: Dimos Vrysellas
(Reel FX / DreamWorks Animation SKG)

Looking For Hope
(Animation Mentor Class 5, 2011)
Mentor: Brent Homman
(Walt Disney Animation Studios)

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