I have always been into animation and technology- constantly watching Disney films or Saturday Morning cartoons, and playing NES or our Apple II.  I had a wild imagination as a kid and used to draw and create crazy stuff all the time. Once I figured out that technology and animation were merging into films like Toy Story or Saturday Morning shows like Reboot I knew that was what I really wanted to do- use my skill and passion to make great characters come alive. 

I continued practicing art throughout high school and found a 4 year college that could shape me into a great animator.  I attended Ringling College of Art and Design and found my time there very enjoyable.  After graduating Ringling in 2007 I searched for a career in the industry and eventually got a pretty cool gig in NYC as a 3D Animator on Speed Racer: The Next Generation.  The cartoon series was a lot of fun, but unfortunately the studio had to let go of all 3D staff after the project was finished. Since then I have returned home to Maryland to work on freelance projects including local commercials and an Xbox Live Arcade game. I have recently graduated from Animation Mentor, the online animation school. It has been such a great experience and has helped me further develop my animation skills and knowledge.